About Us


Complex Reporting Made Easy

Our new rules based, highly configurable, component based Reporting Platform will change the way you view technology based reporting solutions for ever through:

  • Single Data Dictionary
  • Data Lineage built into the design
  • Clear workflow to support the way you work
  • A strong Control Framework to provide confidence 


Introducing our integrated 'T- Store'

Our integrated Titan Store allows our clients to purchase our full list of Reporting Solutions that fully integrate into our Titan Platform. This allows our clients to scale at their own pace based on their investment appetite and reporting requirements.


Built in Scale, Not Cost

Our Meta-Data driven architecture empowers the user like never before. Built on years of experience we have developed a formula for reporting that allows both Vertical and Horizontal scalability together with seamless Automation. TitanRP can be configured for both on-site and cloud preferences.


Cloud Solutions

Top 10 benefits of Cloud Reporting:

  1. Lower risk with subscription based costs
  2. Reduce spending on Infrastructure
  3. Automatic software updates
  4. Reduce Capital Costs
  5. Work from anywhere
  6. Adoption is quick and simple
  7. Less personal training is needed
  8. Scalability and speed
  9. Improve flexibility
  10. Convenience


Our Guarantee

We have so much confidence that TitanRP will be an asset to your company that we do not lock you in to long term contracts. Our Subscription service provides you with the confidence and empowers to be in control all of the time.